About the Program

Kentucky Wesleyan College offers pre-professional preparation for students seeking admission to medical school. You may major in any academic area; most students choose biology, chemistry or both. Upon completion of a B.S. or B.A. degree at KWC, you will be prepared to apply to medical school.

Freshman students in pre-medical, pre-dental, and pre-veterinary studies should indicate their interest to the Health Careers Advisory Committee at Kentucky Wesleyan College and become active in the College’s Pre-Professional organization. In their second year at the College, these students should apply to the Advisory Committee for admission to the pre-dental, pre-medical, or pre-veterinary program. The committee assists students in program planning, gathering of information from various professional schools and provides recommendations upon student request.

Kentucky Wesleyan College’s pre-med curriculum includes a minimum of five semesters of both biology and chemistry, two semesters of physics and one semester of calculus. The remainder of the curriculum includes coursework necessary to fulfill KWC degree requirements.

Pre-medical students should take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) during their third year at KWC.

Medical School Preparation

Students interested in medical school inform KWC’s Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee of their intentions during their freshman or sophomore year. A faculty advisor and the Committee then assist you by providing guidance in determining appropriate curriculum, and preparing to take the MCAT, and by furnishing necessary letters of recommendation.


Most chemistry and biology majors at Kentucky Wesleyan receive academic scholarships. Many also serve as assistants in science laboratories, classrooms and offices. Assistantships provide valuable learning experiences for students. We encourage all pre-medical students to participate in this program.

Summer Research

The faculty encourages students to take part in health science summer research programs in university and governmental laboratories. KWC students have recently participated in programs at the Universities of Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Tennessee and New Mexico, as well as Vanderbilt University, Oak Ridge National Laboratories and the OMHS Cancer Research Center.

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