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Bachelor of Science in General Studies – 100% Online

Our top-ranked Bachelor of Science in General Studies online degree completion program emphasizes the knowledge and abilities most demanded in today’s society:  Oral and written communication, critical thinking, problem solving, effective use of technology and global awareness. The General Studies online program offers you the flexibility to choose courses that meet your interests and professional goals in the following “core areas”: Behavioral Studies, Business Studies, Education Studies, English, Humanities, and Social Sciences. As an online student in the General Studies program, you will work with your online advisor to create a degree plan and course of study that fits your needs.

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Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, graduates will:

SLO 1: Demonstrate competency in communication through the completion of a major writing assignment requiring the use of citations, stylistic conventions, and methodologies.

SLO 2: Apply critical thinking skills to problems, interpret issues, and build tolerance for multiple perspectives.

SLO 3: Apply analytical reasoning skills to create novel solutions to problems using a multidisciplinary approach.

SLO 4: Demonstrate an ability to understand and make use of multiple disciplinary research theories, tools, techniques.

SLO 5: Be competent to enter postgraduate training (professional or academic) and/or work environments that are relevant to the discipline.  

Degree Outcome

Professionals who earn a bachelor’s in General Studies degree have numerous opportunities to advance their career within their place of employment or other private or public companies and organizations. Your liberal arts/ general studies degree is a solid career preparation and highly desirable by employers. Positions that benefit from a bachelor degree in general studies may include: executive assistant, business manager, operations assistant manager, account manager, sales associate or manager, marketing specialist, public relations manager, department administrator, customer service manager, etc.