Tuition and Fees

The charts below represent the total costs associated with attending Kentucky Wesleyan College.

Most students do not pay the total cost of tuition, room and board, and fees. Learn more about financial aid »

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees
Annual Tuition & Fees
Full-time (12 - 18 hours)$15,950$31,900
Part-time (1 - 11 hours)$880/hourN/A
Overload (>18 hours)$880/hourN/A
Summer Term$475/hourN/A
Online Degree Program$475/hourN/A
3 Year Degree ProgramN/A$37,425
Dual Credit Tuition$91/hour (22-23 Rate)N/A
Room & DiningSemesterAnnual
Peeples/Deacon Double & Dining$5,245$10,490
Peeples/Deacon Private & Dining$6,605$13,210
Kendall Double & Dining$5,755$11,510
Kendall Private & Dining$6,887$13,775
Massie/Stadium Double & Dining$6,285$12,570
Massie/Stadium Private & Dining$7,660$15,320
Commuter Board
Commuter Plan: 25 Meals & $40 flex$199$398
Commuter Plan: 55 Meals & $80 flex$399$798
Comprehensive Fee (Full-Time)$630$1,260
Part-time Technology Fee$125$250
Online Degree Program Technology Fee$70/termN/A
Applied Music Fee$225/hourN/A
Lab Course Fee$100N/A
Computer Literacy Fee$60N/A
Online Course Fee$180/courseN/A
Audit (part-time)$50/hourN/A
Other Fees
One Time Registration Fee (Freshmen, Transfers, Readmits)$100
Graduation fee (assessed at 90 hrs.)$125
Laundry Fee (Residential)
Mailbox Key Deposit$10
Enrollment Deposit (one-time)$100/$200
Orientation Fee (New Student)$250
Study Abroad Program Fee*$350
(Plus tuition and/or additional costs)
Transcript Fee (one-time)$11/transcript
Sports Medicine (Athletes only)$150/semester
Estimated Costs
Books and Supplies N/A$1,298
Personal and Misc.N/A$3,125

The commuter board plan is optional.

Please note:

All full-time students must provide proof of health insurance.

This summary of basic charges does not include variable fees such as fees for special courses, programs, and other service fees.