KWC Art Club’s Second Spring Craft Fair

The Kentucky Wesleyan Art Club is proud to be hosting their second Spring Craft Fair this month. The Craft Fair will again be held in Rogers Hall March 21-24 from 1-4 p.m. each day. Many different crafts will be sold alongside regular art pieces. Some of the crafts sold include dreamcatchers, jewelry, soaps, and knitted items, among many others. The main goal of the craft fair is to give artists a chance to sell their art and get their work out to the public.

The Craft Fair will work as a yard sale, with an art club officer or member with the art at all times so that anyone can come in and buy the wares of local artists. Any proceeds made will be split 70% to the artists and 30% to the Art Club. This is a cash only sale.

For more information, please contact Art Club President Victoria Barton at, Vice President Michaela Priddy at, or Professor Heather Logsdon at