Meet Addie Reimbold ’18, Development Officer

The College was thrilled to welcome Addie Reimbold ’18 back to campus in June. She is already making a difference as an employee, just as she did as a student. Addie looks forward to meeting our alumni and friends when travel and visits are possible, and she is busy making phone calls to many of you now to introduce herself. In the meantime, here is more about the newest member of the Advancement team.

Why did you choose to attend Kentucky Wesleyan?
“The second I stepped on campus, KWC felt like home. Everyone was kind and welcoming, both on campus and in the community. My parents and I still talk about how even the lady working at the gas station cared enough to have a conversation with us. Both the campus and the city were different than anywhere else I had been.”

What are special memories of your years as a KWC student?
“The college was a great fit. I knew I wanted to attend a small college where my identity would not be limited to athletics. Wesleyan supported my growth as a whole person – spiritually, athletically, academically and as a leader. My coaches, as well as faculty and staff, encouraged me to get involved and follow my passions. All of this, plus the great basketball program, made KWC the perfect fit for me.

“Our basketball team always had fun, and some of my fondest memories are of our road trips. This could partially be because all of us were slightly delusional after spending so many hours on the bus together.

“One of my most cherished memories of those years is spending a summer studying abroad. I was fortunate to receive a study abroad scholarship which provided me the opportunity to attend an intensive three-week program in Prague, Czech Republic, where 100 students from over 40 counties studied global economic and political issues.”

Who were mentors who helped prepare you for your life and career?
“Coaches Nicole and Caleb Nieman are two of the hardest working and caring people I have ever met. They embrace their players as daughters and deserve so much credit for my mental and personal development. They pushed me to chase my dreams and live life with a growth mindset – accepting failure as a part of life and finding positive takeaways from the toughest situations.

“Marty Daniel was our athletic trainer and assistant coach. We became close my freshman year when I broke my foot and underwent surgery six weeks into the school year. He was my rock the entire year, and he is still here for me today. I value his advice, and I admire his selflessness as a professional. Although I don’t always show it, I appreciate that he is brutally honest with me.

“Dr. Sally Asefa was my economics professor. Her (often dreaded) microeconomics and macroeconomics courses helped me discover my love for all things econ. She pushed me academically and taught me that if you are willing, pursuing a career you love will take you places you have never imagined going. She also dressed up as Tigger every Halloween, face paint and all. That was always a fun day in the Business Department.”

Why did you want to return to campus as a staff member?
“I had a great experience as a student, and this development role appealed to me because I personally benefited from scholarships. I’m excited to have the opportunity to engage with Wesleyan supporters and the surrounding community to help build financial support for our current and future students. My view as a student was focused on my day-to-day routine, and now I see a bigger picture. I am excited about the direction of the College and honored to be here.”