Dr. Kyle Watson: “Teaching is what I am meant to do”

Dr. Kyle Watson
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Teaches organic and biochemistry

Ph.D., organic and medicinal chemistry, University of Notre Dame
B.A., chemistry, Manchester College (now Manchester University)
Hometown: Warsaw, Ind.
Family: Wife – Melissa, son – Caleb, who will be 3 in September

Dr. Watson arrived at Kentucky Wesleyan in Aug. 2016. He has initiated new courses and is introducing a medicinal chemistry course in the upcoming academic year. The course will focus on various targets and how drugs interact with them. The class will also discuss drug discovery and development, including lead optimization and intellectual property. 

The Chemistry Program is implementing seminar courses for juniors and seniors in the major to familiarize students with the chemical literature and how to find, use and cite articles appropriately.   

“This antique school bell was a birthday gift from my mother-in-law. It is a reminder of what I love to do and why I love to do it. I want my students to learn and help them figure out what they want to do with their lives. I look forward to celebrating their successes.

“When I was a college sophomore, I helped in a chemistry lab. I could see the light come on with students when they ‘got it.’ That experience helped me realize I wanted to teach. I want to keeping seeing that light come on. 

“I never dread coming to work, and I have never doubted that teaching is what I am meant to do.

“I’ve enjoyed many experiences outside the classroom; judging at K-Dub Idol, presenting at Scholars’ Academy, enjoying Greek Sing and intramural basketball and lots of other fun activities. 

“Being nominated by our students for the Faculty of the Year recognition meant everything to me.

“I did this at Painting with a Twist. I love this beautiful campus, and I know I made the right choice in coming to Wesleyan.

“The faculty was very welcoming when I arrived, and I felt at home immediately. There is a sense of community here, and the faculty work very well together and support one another. Drs. Magnuson, Connor and Flachskam have been great mentors to me.

“I appreciate very much the attention the College puts on our students. The Wesleyan Way resonates with me. I feel connected to the Wesleyan community.”

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