Meet Julianna Pfadt: Assistant Director of Alumni Relations


Riverside, Calif.


B.S., magna cum laude, University of Alabama, double major in physics and mathematics with a concentration in statistics, member of Honors College.

Julianna will assist in all facets of the alumni operation with specific focuses on engaging young alumni, building relationships with current students and helping build our chapter program through outreach and events.

pfadtjuliannaWhat leadership roles did you assume in college, and what did you accomplish?

“I was the academic executive officer for Delta Zeta and sat on the executive board. My focus was helping members who were struggling with classes, rewarding members who were succeeding or improving, and emphasizing the importance of education in our sorority.

I hosted events such as the Academic Awards Banquet and meetings with guest speakers and assisted the executive board with Homecoming, fundraisers, philanthropic events, etc. This position gave me experience interacting and building relationships with sorority and UA alumni, and I plan to use that knowledge to connect with Wesleyan alumni.

I am proud of helping increase our sorority GPA average approximately .2 GPA points over one semester and implementing a program that encouraged academic success for our members through team accountability and rewards.”

What are your goals for your first six months on the job?

“My first goal is to meet as many Wesleyan alumni around town as possible, so if you’re wearing any Panther gear out and about, I’ll definitely stop to say ‘hello’ and introduce myself.

My next focus is to connect with recent alumni and current students, and I hope to create more opportunities for alumni and students to get together and network by collaborating with Student Services. Another important goal is to establish and strengthen Alumni Association chapters in several locations to better serve our alumni.”

What were your first impressions of Wesleyan and Owensboro?

“The Wesleyan campus is gorgeous, and the rich history makes it all the more special. It is much smaller than the large University of Alabama campus, but it is full of character and friendly faces.

I was sold on Owensboro as soon as I tried Ritzy’s peppermint ice cream! Two of my favorite places here are Reid’s Orchard and the Book and Music Exchange. I also look forward to enjoying all four seasons. I grew up in Southern California, and the seasons there can be summarized by dry heat and Santa Ana winds.”

What was your first job, and what did you learn?

“I had an internship at a medical clinic in my hometown. I shadowed doctors, helped the medical assistants with patients and did office tasks, including inventory. I learned so much about what goes on behind the scenes when you visit your doctor, and I got to sit in on a few really interesting patient visits.”

What was your favorite college course and why?

“Personal Finance. As an Honors College elective, this class was a welcomed break from my usual abstract coursework, and it is the class which most prepared me for life after graduation. My professor was phenomenal. She created an atmosphere that allowed for meaningful discussions and taught valuable finance skills such as budgeting, filing taxes, applying for loans and mortgages, and saving for retirement. I recommend this class to every college student.”

What are your favorite leisure activities?

“I love to cook! I enjoy long walks and hikes in nature, and I love to travel – whether I’m visiting a new city or camping. On weekends, I like to go to the farmer’s market, watch movies and spend time with friends and family.”

Favorite TV shows?

“Good Eats”, “Cutthroat Kitchen,” “Family Guy” and “Modern Family”

A favorite book you could read again?

“I am currently reading ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald for the third time. I like classic novels. In the near future, I want to read ‘Anna Karenina’ by Leo Tolstoy.”

What does The Wesleyan Way mean to you?

“The Wesleyan Way is a great reminder to live intentionally. We should be aware of how our actions affect others and strive to make a positive impact whenever possible.”