Why I Give – Brenda Seltman ’63

“A great opportunity for giving is approaching – Giving Tuesday on Nov. 27. I plan to give, and I encourage others to give whatever amount they are able to provide, so our present-day leaders can continue to improve the facilities and curriculum. I know my support of Kentucky Wesleyan helps another student find their dreams at the College, just as I did.”

Cincinnati, Ohio


Education:  B.A., Kentucky Wesleyan College, English major, Psychology minor

                     M.S., Northern Kentucky University, Education

Family: Two children, Stacey and Stuart

Tell us about your experiences as a student at Wesleyan and how Wesleyan impacted your life.

“From the moment I arrived on campus, I was greeted with friendly, helpful upperclassmen and professors. The encouragement of my wonderful English professor, Joe Britton, helped me determine my major, and Dr. Waggoner (psychology) and his wife were like parents to me.

Sigma Kappa alumnae gathered for a reunion in Midway, Ky. in October 2018.
(Pictured Left to Right) Front row: Brenda (Day) Seltman ’63, Phyllis (Stone) Church ’61, Vanda (Ball) Bell ’66, Anne (Mossbarger) Simcoe ’66, Midge Goeth ‘64. Back row: Beverly (Grant) McEnroe ’65, Alice Braasch ’65, Steve Morrison ’62, Mary Frances (Law) Morrison ’63.

“The campus atmosphere was academic and positive, and it made me want to achieve and explore. Because of the small classes, much attention was available to anyone interested. I gained confidence and felt I could try anything. I also learned that I would never be intimidated by anyone.

“Most importantly, I had fun! Several friends I made during those years remain an important part of my life today, especially my roommate, Mary Frances (Law) Morrison ’63. Life was full with lots of great activities and sorority (Sigma Kappa).”

“The small school experience was perfect. The spiritual life of The Wesleyan Way has been a gift to me throughout my life.”

Tell us about your career.

“I taught English and psychology to juniors and seniors at Boone County High School. After the birth of my two children, I earned my master’s degree. Our family lived on a farm in Union., Ky., where we enjoyed a full life, and through the years, I maintained my friendships with many Wesleyan friends.

“I developed new interests, and for ten years, I assisted in daily operations of a law firm, Greenebaum, Doll & McDonald, as a legal aide and receptionist.  After retirement from that career, I had a small business and sold ladies’ handbags and accessories. I also worked for a travel agency and got to travel extensively. That sparked a love for travel, and I have traveled the world.

“In recent years, I have been practicing a new hobby and love . . . oil painting.”

What is your perspective of Wesleyan today? 

“I like and admire our president, Bart Darrell, very much. He is enthusiastic!

“Wesleyan is still a big part of my life. My Sigma Kappa sisters and I continue to enjoy an annual luncheon at Holly Hill Inn in Midway, Ky. When we met recently, I thought about how I admire the achievements and character of each woman, and how they were all shaped by their Kentucky Wesleyan experience. I feel fortunate to be a part of their lives.”