Whistleblower Policy/Hotline

Kentucky Wesleyan College employees, students and related community members are responsible for reporting illegal or dishonest events involving KWC employees, students or resources. If the event is illegal, it should be reported to the proper authorities. If the event is contrary to a KWC policy or its mission, it should be reported according to the applicable policy. If a policy is not in place to address the specific issue, it should be reported to a College Officer, the College President or the College Hot Line at 270-852-3199.

A person who in good faith reports an activity or event that he or she reasonably believes to be illegal or dishonest is called a “whistleblower.” When reporting alleged events, the Whistleblower must provide enough information to justify an investigation. Examples of specific information include a thorough description of the event, who was involved, who knew about it, what specifically happened, when and where it happened and if it is still ongoing. While the College allows anonymous reports, it encourages whistleblowers to include their names so that appropriate follow-up questions may be asked. Without sufficient information, an investigation will not be conducted.

If the reporting individual or Whistleblower requests that his or her identity remain confidential, the request will be respected to the extent that doing so does not impede the investigation or is not required by law or law enforcement officials. The College cannot guarantee complete confidentiality. Whistleblowers should be aware that their public testimony may be needed to prove a case against a reported employee or related community member.

KWC prohibits retaliation against an employee, student or related community member who makes a whistleblower report. This policy also extends to employees, students, and related community members who assist in the investigation of such a report. Retaliation means to take direct and intentional action to negatively impact the Whistleblower’s conditions of employment or enrollment in retribution for reporting an event. A Whistleblower who believes that he or she has been retaliated against may file a written complaint with the President and the Chair of the KWC Board of Trustees. If the retaliation is proven, the person or persons involved may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

KWC Hotline Number
270-852-3199 (managed by taped message and recording of call to report issue)

Contact Information for the KWC President’s office
Office of President
3000 Frederica Street
Owensboro, KY 42301

Contact Info for the KWC Chair of the Board of Trustees
Chair of the Board of Trustees
c/o Office of the President
3000 Frederica Street
Owensboro, KY 42301