Bachelor of Arts in Art (42 hrs)
Core Requirements
ART 100Art Survey (fulfills Aesthetic General Education requirement)
ART 101 Beginning Drawing
ART 111Two-Dimensional Design
ART 112Three-Dimensional Design
ART 210Graphic Design I
ART 235 Painting I
ART 278 or
ART 290 or
ART 291
Digital Photo Techniques
ART 470Senior Seminar
Must take three hours of art history from the following:
ART 382Art History: Prehistoric to Neoclassic
ART 383 Art History: American Art
ART 384 Art History: Modern Art (fulfills Multicultural General Education requirement)
Must take 12 hours of electives from ART.
12 hours of electives from the following:ART302 Adv Drawing
ART335 Adv Painting
ART355 Printmaking
ART378 Advanced Digital Photography Techniques
ART392 Adv Sculpture
ART395 Ceramic II
ART401 Drawing Projects
ART436 Painting Projects
ART453 Digital Painting
ART485 Special Topics in Art & Design