Dr. R. Scot Payne

ScotPaynesmallDr. Scot Payne, Professor of Biology
(270) 852-3185
Yu Hak Hahn #10


  • B.S., Biology, Brescia College
  • M.S., Comparative Physiology, University of Kentucky
  • Ph.D., Pharmacology/Toxicology, University of Louisville

Research Interests

  • Neuroprotection
  • Neuropharmacology
  • Learning & Memory
  • Neurobiology of Music

Recent Presentations

  • R.S. Payne and A. Schurr: The stress hormone corticosterone inhibits glucose-, but not lactate-supported hippocampal LTP. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 25: S67-S67, (2005).
  • Rif El-Mallakh, Joshua Lord, Ralphiel S. Payne, Avital Schurr, Pradeep Banerjee: Memantine inhibits ouabain-evoked “cycling” in rat hippocampal slices. Society for Biological Psychiatry April (2007).
  • R. Scot Payne, PhD, Heather Tluczek,MD, Avital Schurr, PhD, Ozan Akça, MD. Predictors Of Survival After Cardiac Arrest Under General Anesthesia. ASA October (2007).
  • Hisham Taher; Yiru Guo; Ralphiel S Payne; Greg Hunt; Robert J Vincent; Santosh K SanganalMath; Nathan J Reed; Ewa K Zuba-Surma; Smita Ranjan; Sumit Tiwari; Arash Rezazadeh; Rif S El-Mallakh; Roberto Bolli; Buddhadeb Dawn. Pharmacologic Late Preconditioning with Opioid 1-agonist Confers Cardio- and Neuroprotective Benefits During Cardiac Arrest. Circulation, 116:11-21, 2007.
  • R.S. Payne, Y. Gao, Z. Lei, N. Adham, A. Schurr, R. El-Mallakh. Cariprazine delays oubain-evoked epileptiform spikes and loss of activity in rat hippocampal slices. Soc. Neurosci. 2013.

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Payne, R.S.,Tseng, M.T., Schurr, A., The glucose paradox of cerebral ischemia: evidence for corticosterone involvement. Brain Res. 2003 May 2;971(1):9-17
  • Kehl, F., Payne, R.S., Roewer, N., Schurr, A. Sevoflurane-induced preconditioning of rat brain in vitro and role of KATP channels. Brain Res. 2004 Sept 17;1021(1):76-81.
  • Payne, R.S., Goldbart, A., Gozal, D., and Schurr, A. Effect of intermittent hypoxia on long-term potentiation in rat hippocampal slices. Brain Res. 1029(2), 195-199, 2004.
  • Payne, R.S., Akca, O., Roewer, N., Schurr, A., and Kehl, F. Sevoflurane-induced preconditioning protects against cerebral ischemic neuronal damage in rats. Brain Res. 1034, 147-152, 2005.
  • Schurr, A. and Payne, R.S. Lactate, not pyruvate, is neuronal aerobic glycolysis end product: an in vitro electrophysiological study. Neuroscience Jul 13;147(3):613-9. 2007.
  • Payne, R.S. and Schurr, A. Corticosterone disrupts glucose-, but not lactate-supported hippocampal PS-LTP. Neurosci. Lett. Sep 7;424(2):111-5, 2007.
  • Gao, Y., Payne, R.S., Schurr, A., Hougland, T., Lord, J., Herman, L., Lei, Z., Banerjee, P., El-Mallakh, R.S.  Memantine reduces mania-like symptoms in animal models. Psychiatry Res. 2011 Aug 15;188(3):366-71.
  • El-Mallakh R.S., Payne, R.S., Schurr, A., Gao, Y., Lei, A., Kiss, B., Gyertyan, I., Adham, N.  Cariprazine delays ouabain-evoked epileptiform spikes and loss of activity in rat hippocampal slices.  Psychiatry Res. 2015 Jun 27 S0165-1781 (15) 00436-9.

Book Chapters

  • Schurr, A., Payne, R. S., and Rigor, B. M. Diltiazem and MK-801 but not APV act synergistically to protect rat hippocampal slices against hypoxic damage. In: Neurodegenerative diseases ’95: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Advances. G. Fiskum, Ed. Plenum Press, New York, (1995).
  • Schurr, A., Payne, R. S., Levy, R. S., and Rigor, B. M. Understanding cerebral energy metabolism: A key to successful neuroprotection, In: Baillier’s Clinical Anesthesiology: Neuroprotection. J. A. Stamford and L. Strunin, Eds. Baillier Tindal, London, pp. 409-425, (1996).
  • Schurr, A., Payne, R. S., Miller, J. J., and Rigor, B. M. Direct evidence that lactate is an obligatory aerobic energy substrate for functional recovery posthypoxia in vitro. In: Progress in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases. A. Fisher, M. Yoshida, and I. Hanin, Eds, Plenum, New York (1999).