A BS degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology is designed to offer students a choice to declare an emphasis area in either criminal justice or criminology.

A total of 37 credit hours are required for a criminal Justice and criminology degree. All students must have a cumulative 2.0 average to earn a BS degree. Every student must also complete Kentucky Wesleyan College’s degree requirements of 120 total credit hours, which will include the required General Education Requirements and 42 credit hours of upper-division course work.

Major Core Requirements
CJC 100Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJC 350Criminology
CJC 370Corrections
CJC 399Criminal Justice, Criminology and Law Career Planning Seminar
CJC 499Senior Seminar
Law Core Requirements
Must take two (2) of the three (3) following courses.
CJC 340Criminal Procedure
CJC 360Criminal Law
CJC 430Justice Seminar: Civil Rights and Liberties
All majors must take the required Criminal Justice and Criminology Core (13 credits):
CJC 1300Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJC 3366Criminology
CJC 3370Corrections
CJC 3199 orCriminal Justice, Criminology and Law Career Planning Seminar
IDS 4101Career Planning and Development
CJC 4399Senior Seminar
Law Core:
All majors must take two of the three following courses (6 credit hours):
CJC 3360Criminal Law
CJC 3301Criminal Procedure
CJC 4360Justice Seminar: Civil Rights and Liberties

Emphasis Core:

Each Criminal Justice and Criminology major must choose one of the following areas of interest and complete the required emphasis core (9 credit hours):

Criminal Justice Emphasis Core Requirements
CJC 310Critical Issues in Policing
CJC 320Judicial Process
LGST 101 or
CJC 210
Introduction to Law or
Criminal Investigation
Criminology Emphasis Core Requirements
CJC 202Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences
CJC 380Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CJC 470Theoretical Criminology
Major Elective Core:
All majors must select from the following a minimum of 9 credits:
CJC 202Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences
CJC 210Criminal Investigation
CJC 230Global Perspective on Crime and Justice
CJC 301Practicum in Criminal Justice
CJC 310Critical Issues on Policing
CJC 320Judicial Process
CJC 325Forensic Psychology
CJC 340Criminal Procedure
CJC 344Minority Relations
CJC 345Juvenile Delinquency
CJC 347Drugs Crime and Justice
CJC 360Criminal Law
CJC 380Juvenile Justice
CJC 390Deviant Behavior
CJC 401Independent Study
CJC 410White-Collar Crime
CJC 420Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
CJC 430Justice Seminar: Civil Rights and Liberties
CJC 460Victimology
CJC 470Theoretical Criminology
CJC 480Advanced Research Methods
LGST 101Introduction to Law
Service Learning Core Requirements
The following courses are designated as service learning. Successful completion of two (2) of the following five (5) courses is required.
CJC 301Practicum
CJC 310Critical Issues in Policing
CJC 345Juvenile Delinquency
CJC 346Juvenile Justice
CJC 370Corrections

Foreign Language Core:

A language requirement for a BS in Criminal Justice and Criminology is not required but strongly encouraged.  Every student who plans to work in the criminal justice field at the federal, state, or local level should consider a minimum of six (6) hours of Spanish.  The more Spanish a student successfully completes in college the more career choices they will have after college.

Strongly Recommended Electives

Kentucky Wesleyan College is a liberal arts college.  Your academic experience at Wesleyan is designed to give you a well-rounded educational experience.  To this end, all Criminal Justice and Criminology majors are strongly advised to take electives from the following list.  Some of these courses also fulfill General Education credits.

PSY 101Introduction to Psychology
PSY 301Personality Theories
PSY 303Social Psychology
PSY 306Abnormal Psychology
PSY 309Counseling Psychology
SOC 100Principles of Sociology
SOC 200Social Problems
SOC 308Minority Relations (cross-listed as CJC 344)
SOC 362Deviant Behavior (cross-listed as CJC 390)
SOC 364Juvenile Delinquency (cross-listed as CJC 345)
SOC 366Criminology (cross-listed as CJC 350)
Political Science
POLS 101American National Government
POLS 202State and Local Government
POLS 352Constitutional Law I
POLS 353Constitutional Law II
PHIL 100Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 301Introduction to Ethics