Requirements – Elementary Ed

112 OR 113 HOURS
(Kentucky Certification in Early Elementary Education P-5)
Professional Education Courses: a ``C'' or better grade is required in each of these courses.
ART 3372Art for Elementary Teachers
ED 1100Introduction to Education
ED 2302 Educational Technology (replaces CL 1101 in gen. ed.)
ED 2303Exceptional Children
ED 3302Foundations Reading/Language Arts
ED 3307Children’s and Adolescent Literature
ED 3308Educational Psychology
ED 4203 Student Teaching Seminar
EDEL 2301 Child and Family
EDEL 3301 Methods and Materials
EDEL 3303Teaching Reading/Language Arts
EDEL 3304Teaching Math
EDEL 3305 Teaching Social Studies
EDEL 3306 Teaching Science
EDEL 4601 Directed Teaching Early Elementary
EDEL 4602 Directed Teaching Early Elementary
MUS 3325 Music for Elementary Teachers
PE 3307 Health and Physical Education K-8
These courses may be used to satisfy the general education requirements.
BIO 1400Concepts in Biology
ED 2300 Foundations of Education
GEOG 1301 Introduction to Human Geography
MATH 1301 Math for Elementary Teachers I
MATH 1302Math for Elementary Teachers II
PEH 2300Contemporary Health Topics
PHSC 1400 Concepts in Physical Science
POLS 2302 State and Local Government
PSY 2301Human Development
Must complete at least six hours of the same foreign language or receive CLEP test credit. Spanish is recommended


Each candidate must fulfill 20 or 21 hours in ONE of the following options: English/communication, fine arts/humanities, foreign language, mathematics, science, social and behavioral sciences, or special education. Courses taken under the general education requirements and within the professional studies component may be counted toward the academic emphasis. (“C” or better is required in each course.)

English/Communication Emphasis
Must take twenty-one hours from the following:
CART 1341Basic Public Speaking
CART 2307Audio Production
CART 2308 Video Production
THEA 3324Children’s Theatre
ENGL 1301 /1401Writing Workshop I
ENGL 1302 Writing Workshop II
ENGL 2300Approaching Literature
ENGL 2306American Literature Survey
ENGL 2305English Literature Survey
ENGL 2310Grammar and Linguistics
ENGL 2330 Readings in World Literature
ENGL 3316 Modern Native American Literature
Fine Arts/Humanities Emphasis
ART 1380Art Survey
ENGL 2300 Approaching Literature
MUS 1353Music Appreciation
Must take one of the following:
THEA 1320Introduction to Theatre
THEA 3324Children’s Theatre
Must take nine hours from the following:
ART 1301Beginning Drawing I
ART 1311 Two-Dimensional Design
ART 1312Three-Dimensional Design
ART 2335 Painting I
ART 2390Sculpture I
ART 3355 Printmaking
ART 3391 Sculptural Methods in Clay
THEA 2321 Acting I
CART 2307Audio Production
CART 2308 Video Production
MUS 1111-4192Applied Music
MUS 1339 Music Theory I
MUS 1340 Music Theory II
Foreign Language Emphasis
Must take these fifteen hours from the same foreign language:
GERM 1301 Elementary German I
GERM 1302Elementary German II
GERM 2302Intermediate German II
GERM 3301German Conversation
SPAN 1301 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 1302Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 2301 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2302 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 3301Spanish Conversation
Must take an additional six hours of electives from the same foreign language chosen above.
Mathematics Emphasis
MATH 1301 Math for Elementary Teachers I
MATH 1302 Math for Elementary Teachers II
MATH 1303Math Verticality for P-12 Curriculum
MATH 1400Probability and Statistics
MATH 3305Problem Solving in Mathematics
MATH 3404 Geometry
MATH 1120Trigonometry
Science Emphasis
BIO 1400Concepts in Biology
CHEM 1400Concepts in Chemistry
PHSC 1400Concepts in Physical Science
Must take two other approved laboratory courses.
Social and Behavioral Sciences Emphasis
HIST 1311/1411Survey of American History I
HIST 1312 Survey of American History II
HIST 3355History of Kentucky
Must take twelve hours from the following:
HIST 1301History of World Civilization I
HIST 1302 History of World Civilization II
POLS 1301American National Government
PSY 1301 Introduction to Psychology
SOC 1300 Principles of Sociology
SOC 3303 Social Psychology
SOC 3308 Minority Relations
Special Education Emphasis
Edex 2301 Introduction to Mild Disabilities
Edex 2303 Behavior Management: Basic Principles and Positive Behavior Supports
Edex 2305 Collaboration among Teachers and Professionals
Edex 3303 Diagnostic and Assessment Procedures in Special Education
Edex 3304 Transition Issues in Special Education
Edex 4300IEP Writing/Legal Issues in Special Education
Edex 3301Educational Methods for Students with Disabilities at the Elementary Level