Requirements – BMusic

Bachelor of Music Degree

Offerings include a Bachelor of Music degree and a myriad of performance opportunities, preparing students for careers in performance, church music, private teaching, preparation for graduate study in music, and various music leadership positions in the community.

Bachelor of Arts in Music: 47 Hours
Core Requirements
MUS 1339 Music Theory I
MUS 1340Music Theory II
MUS 1139Aural Skills I
MUS 1140Aural Skills II
MUS 2320 History of Music I: Beginnings to Baroque
MUS 2139 Aural Skills III
MUS 2339Music Theory III
MUS 3320 History of Music II: Classical/Romantic Periods (1750-1850)
MUS 3340History of Music III: Late Romantic to Present (1850-Present)
Must take sixteen hours of Applied Music in their emphasis instrument (or voice if vocal emphasis) and four hours of Applied Piano (or
must show proficiency).
Supporting Requirements
MUS 3147Junior Recital
MUS 4147Senior Recital

Emphasis Requirements

Must complete one of the following emphases: vocal, piano, instrumental, or guitar

Vocal Emphasis
MUS 2233 Lyric Diction for Singers
MUS 3251 Vocal Pedagogy
MUS 3277 Conducting
Must take eight hours of Kentucky Wesleyan Singers.
Piano/Organ Emphasis
MUS 3241Piano/Organ Pedagogy
MUS 3248 Accompaniment
MUS 3277 Conducting
Must take eight hours of Kentucky Wesleyan Band, Kentucky Wesleyan
Singers, or Panther Pianists
Guitar Emphasis
MUS 3202Applied Music Literature---Guitar
MUS 3245Guitar Pedagogy
MUS 3274Instrumental Methods
Must take eight hours of Kentucky Wesleyan Singers, Kentucky Wesleyan Band, or Panther Pianists