Bachelor of Science in Zoology: 55 Hours
Core Requirements
BIO 215General Biology I Laboratory
BIO 216General Biology II Laboratory
BIO 225General Biology I
BIO 226General Biology II
BIO 303Genetics
BIO 304Junior Seminar
BIO 404Senior Seminar
ZOO 313Microbiology I
ZOO 315Invertebrate Zoology
ZOO 316Vertebrate Zoology
ZOO 406Evolution
ZOO 414Ecology
Supporting Requirements
CART 105Introduction to Media Writing
CHEM 140Concepts in Chemistry
CHEM 230Chemistry of Life Processes
CJC 100Introduction to Criminal Justice
ENSC 230Environmental Science
MATH 104Probability and Statistics
Additional recommended courses for the zoology major.
BIO 222Tropical Marine Biology
BIO 311Field Botany
ZOO 302Ichthyology
ZOO 306 Entomology
ZOO 308Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
ZOO 311Animal Behavior
ZOO 312Parasitology