Pre-Engineering Requirments
The following courses should be completed at Kentucky Wesleyan College:
Course NumberCourse Name
CHEM 121General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 122General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 131General Chemistry I
CHEM 132General Chemistry II
CIS 201 or
CIS 203
Beginning Java or
Beginning Visual Basic
ENGR 101Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 106Computer Graphics/Communication
ENGR 221 or
ENGR 280 or
PHYS 340 or
PHYS 342 or
ENSC 230
Statics or
Design of Logic Circuits or
Analog Electronics or
Heat and Thermodynamics or
Environmental Science
MATH 121Calculus I
MATH 221Calculus II
MATH 222Calculus III
MATH 301Differential Equations
MATH 306 or
MATH 309 or
MATH 320 or
MATH 321 or
MATH 403
Applied Linear Algebra or
Discrete Mathematics or
Statistics I or
Statistical Analysis or
Partial Differential Equations
PHYS 204General Physics I
PHYS 205General Physics II
PHYS 308 or
PHYS 342
Modern Physics or
Heat and Thermodynamics
Completion of Kentucky Wesleyan College General Education required.