To receive recommendation from the Advisory Committee, students in Pre-Veterinary must complete the following required courses:
BIO 215General Biology I Lab
BIO 216General Biology II Lab
BIO 223 and
BIO 224 or
BIO 308 or
BIO 403
Human Anatomy and Physiology I and
Human Anatomy and Physiology II or
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy or
Animal Physiology
BIO 225General Biology I
BIO 226General Biology II
BIO 303Genetics
BIO 313Microbiology I
BIO 323Cellular/Molecular Biology
CHEM 121General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 122General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 131General Chemistry I
CHEM 132General Chemistry II
CHEM 321Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 322Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 331Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 332Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 341Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 441Biochemistry
MATH 104Probability and Statistics
MATH 121Calculus I
PEH 435 or
PHIL 301 or
SOC 100
Health Ethics or
Introduction to Ethics or
Principles of Sociology
PHYS 141 and
PHYS 142 or
PHYS 204 and
PHYS 205
Introductory General Physics I and
Introductory General Physics II or
General Physics I and
General Physics II
PSY 100 or
PSY 201
Introduction to Psychology or
Human Development