Wesleyan Fellows and Mentors

Wesleyan Fellows is a grant-based work-study program with the purpose of providing work under the mentoring of a Kentucky Wesleyan College professor or an off-campus supervisor while also providing an opportunity for the student to think creatively, solve problems, and explore alternatives.

The Wesleyan Fellows program must be more educationally rewarding than a traditional work study job — i.e., more intellectually demanding, more likely to create genuine learning for the student, more closely related to a career or scholarly field, or more directly related to faculty research.

At the end of the year, awardees MUST have a completed a project that will be presented at Scholar’s Day in April. Students with a 3.15 cumulative average may apply.

Congratulations 2021-2022 Wesleyan Fellows and Mentors!

William Boultinghouse Dr. Justin Trulen Mathematics
Gracie Cart Dr. Cindy Wolfe Biology
Olivia Clements Dr. Cindy Wolfe Biology
Samantha Dalbec Dr. Cindy Wolfe Biology
Sara Gootee Dr. Justin Trulen Mathematics
Annemarie Knutson Dr. Rachel Pritchard Biology
Seth Koloski Dr. Justin Trulen Mathematics
Austin Minton Dr. Rachel Pritchard Biology
Shannon Ruble Dr. Jeremy Gibson Zoology
Karyn Williams Dr. Christine Salmon CETL
Ellyse Woodward Dr. Justin Trulen Mathematics