Criminal Justice and Criminology Online Degree Map

Online Criminal Justice and Criminology Degree Map
I. General Education
General Humanities (3 hours in history, 3 hours in religion)9 credit hours
Aesthetics (3 hours must be in literature)6 credit hours
Social Sciences (in 2 different subjects) 6 credit hours
Physical Education and Health3 credit hours
Natural Sciences 6 credit hours
Mathematics (College Algebra or higher) 3 credit hours
Communication Skills (2 English composition courses)6 credit hours
* A Multi-Cultural Studies requirement needs to be met.
Total General Education Credit Hours 39 credit hours
II. Criminal Justice and Criminology
A. Criminal Justice & Criminology Major Core
CJC 100Introduction to Criminal Justice3 credit hours
IDS 202Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences3 credit hours
IDS 203Research Methods in Behavior Science3 credit hours
CJC 310Critical Issues in Policing3 credit hours
CJC 340 Courts and Procedure3 credit hours
CJC 345Juvenile Delinquency3 credit hours
CJC 350Criminology3 credit hours
CJC 370Corrections3 credit hours
CJC 499Senior Seminar3 credit hours
Total Criminal Justice & Criminology Major Core Hours27 credit hours
B. CJC Major Electives (minimum of 6 hours)
CJC3 credit hours
CJC3 credit hours
Total CJC Elective Hours6 credit hours
Total Criminal Justice & Criminology Credit Hours33 credit hours
III. Supporting Courses in Behavioral Sciences
CART 141Basic Public Speaking3 credit hours
Social SciencesPOLS, PSY, SOC (Actual courses depend up on transfer courses and courses scheduled.)6 credit hours
Total Supporting Credit Hours9 credit hours
Total Criminal Justice & Criminology Major Credit Hours42 credit hours
IV. General Electives
Total General Electives Hours 39 credit hours
Minimum of 42 upper-level credits needed to graduate.
Total Hours Needed for Graduation (Minimum)120 Credit Hours