Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit for Student Workers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Direct Deposit and how does it work?
A: Direct Deposit is a safe, proven, confidential method of receiving payment. Funds are electronically transferred from Kentucky Wesleyan College into either a checking or savings account.

Q: How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?
A: Simply fill out an authorization form available on PantherNet under the ‘Student Accounts’ tab or stop by the Cashier’s Office to pick one up. You can also print the form out here.

Q: Can I be required to use Direct Deposit?
A: While Kentucky law allows companies to require Direct Deposit, students are not required to enroll in Direct Deposit for their student payroll checks.

Q: How far in advance of payday must I submit my Direct Deposit authorization form?
A: The authorization form must be submitted by the first of the month prior to the pay date.

Q: The authorization form asks for my checking or savings account number and my bank’s routing number. How do I find that information?

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Q: When will I have access to the funds?
A: Typically, your money is available the morning of payday.

Q: Will I still receive a record of my earnings and deductions?
A: Yes, KWC will still provide you with a pay statement showing gross pay, deductions and net pay through campus mail.

Q: How long will this Direct Deposit payment authorization remain in effect?
A: Authorization will remain in effect until you change or cancel it. Your authorization will also carry over from one year to the next.

Q: Are there any costs to me to use Direct Deposit?
A: No, Direct Deposit is offered as a free service to all student workers.

Q: What if I don’t have a checking or savings account?
A: No problem! Many banks offer free or low cost accounts to students. You can even open up a checking account at one of the many banks in the Owensboro area close to KWC’s campus.

Q: What if there is a change in my bank or account number?
A: If you change banks or account numbers, you simply need to complete and submit a new authorization form. Please complete an updated authorization form by the first of the month prior to the next pay date.

Q: What if I no longer wish to use Direct Deposit?
A: You will need to submit a signed written statement to Human Resources indicating your wish to cancel your Direct Deposit authorization. This statement will need to be received by the first of the month prior to the pay date to take effect.

Q: If I have a problem with Direct Deposit, whom should I call?
A: Problems with Direct Deposit are rare. In fact, you are much more likely to have a problem with a check. But if any matter should arise, contact Linda Keller, Director of Human Resources at (270) 852-3110 or and/or your bank.

If you have any further questions about participating in Direct Deposit:

Please contact the Cashier’s Office via email at or via phone at (270) 852-3108.