Athletic Scholarships

The following list of endowed scholarships is automatically awarded to students based on a software database matching process between the scholarship criteria and the student’s profile information. Therefore, students should not contact Financial Aid and attempt to apply for a scholarship because there is no application process. Some of the endowed scholarships are awarded by faculty during the annual Honors Convocation and those are clearly identified in the list below. 

If a student is awarded one of the listed scholarships, the awarded money will replace any KWC institutional need-based aid the student may be receiving. Some of these scholarships may, in fact, be added on top of other scholarships a student is already receiving from KWC, but the total amount of scholarship/award dollars a student receives cannot exceed the total of direct costs (tuition, fees, room, and board) at Kentucky Wesleyan College. 

List of Athletic Scholarships

Alphabetical by Donor’s Last Name or Organization’s First Name 


Ben Abbott International Soccer Scholarship 
Awarded in April at Honors Convocation: For an international student on the men’s or women’s soccer team. Must be in good academic standing with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Preference for a student from a Scandinavian country. 


Malone Jr. & Lillian L. Gaynor Scholarship 
Criteria: For students who are in good standing and participating in the basketball program. 


Douglas F. Kingsley Scholarship 
Criteria: For students enrolled in good standing, members of the women’s or men’s basketball team, who have exhausted his/her playing eligibility but need no more than two additional semesters to complete their degree requirements. 


KWC Athletic Endowed Scholarship 
Criteria: For student-athletes in good standing who have exhausted his/her playing eligibility but need no more than one additional semester to complete their degree requirements. Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and perform part-time work in the athletic department. Awarded at the recommendation of the coach and approved by the athletic director. 


Eugene H. Minton Memorial Scholarship 
Criteria: For current KWC women’s basketball players in good academic standing. The amount and selection of recipients shall be determined by the KWC women’s basketball coach in consultation with the Director of Financial Aid. If you are interested in being considered, contact the KWC women’s basketball coach. 


Jeffrey L. Stein Memorial Scholarship 
Criteria: For students who are members of either the men’s or women’s golf teams with demonstrated financial need.