Housing Policy Appeal Request

Kentucky Wesleyan College values developing the whole student. This means great emphasis is placed not only on academic success, but also on a student’s successful engagement into campus life. The College recognizes the opportunities for learning from others, developing social and interpersonal skills, and personal growth are enhanced by residing on campus. Residence Life’s goal is to create an environment that provides the foundation for the academic, social, and personal development of every residential student.

Students who reside in the residence halls are provided opportunities to develop various skills that add value to the academic education Wesleyan students receive. This helps separate our students from the rest as they transition from school to careers and their new lives post college. With this in mind, we have set our housing policy to reflect this commitment.

Upon admission to the College, all students are required to submit a Residency Information Form, which is available through the Admissions Office, prior to enrolling. Returning Students will be provided the opportunity to participate in Room selection each spring for the next academic year.

This form is for new students appealing the Housing Policy.  If you are are a returning student requesting to move off campus, that form is located here.

Residential Housing Requirement (effective Fall 2019)

All full-time, unmarried students under the age of 21 are required to live in the residence halls and participate in a residential dining plan. Exceptions to this policy may be granted under the following conditions by the Director of Residence Life or the Dean of Students:

  1. Students who have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 after completing 6 full-time college semesters (at least 90 credit hours); OR
  2. Students who will reach the age of 21 prior to September 1 of the academic year with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5; OR
  3. Students who are classified as independent (as defined by the most recently filed tax return), married, or support a dependent over 50%; OR
  4. Students who reside in one of our designated “commuter counties” (KY – Daviess, Hancock, Henderson, Mclean, Ohio; IN – Spencer, Vanderburgh, Warrick) or within 30 miles of campus as long as they are living with an immediate family member over 21 years of age, defined as: parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle; or a legal guardian.

All full-time Kentucky Wesleyan College students who receive 75% or more of their tuition/mandatory fees in institutional aid are required to live on-campus with the exception of students meeting housing exemption #4. Institutional aid is defined as: unrestricted, restricted, academic, athletic, talent and endowed scholarships.
It is understood that the housing contract includes both the fall and spring semesters, except for students who graduate in December or no longer attend Kentucky Wesleyan College. Students entering during the spring semester will only be under contract for that semester.

The full policy is provided here.