Meet Katie Bell

Why did you choose Wesleyan?

My mother, Alice Bell, graduated from the College in 1991. So I was familiar with Wesleyan, and I wanted to go to a small school.

Katie BellTell us about your extracurricular activities.

I am president of Young Democrats and the Stanley Reed Pre-Law and Politics Society, vice president of communication in AOPi, and I started an internship last month with the Public Defender’s Office in Daviess County. I have also been a supplemental instructor in macroeconomics.

Reflect on your experiences as a Wesleyan student.

I don’t think I would have been successful at a large university. I was shy and nervous in high school. I got involved in a sorority here, and I love it. It really help me to become part of a group of people like me and fit in with them.

The one-on-one attention from faculty has helped me. I’ve gained confidence, and I’ve been more active on campus than I ever thought I would be.

Tell us about your experiences with the Wesleyan faculty.

Dr. Magnuson is always so friendly. He remembers my mom, who was a chemistry major. Dr. Conroy is my advisor. He is very helpful, and he even asks about my family. One thing that stands out to me is that faculty seek their students out to make sure we “get it,” and find out if we need assistance.

What are your goals for the remainder of your time at Wesleyan?

I plan to attend law school, so I will take the LSAT this fall. I’m excited about an upcoming political science convention in Chicago, and I’m considering what the Young Democrats group will do in this election year.

What will you take with you when you leave Wesleyan in 2017?

The confidence that I can accomplish whatever I chose to pursue. I would never have considered law school when I first arrived here on campus, and I know I will be well-prepared when I leave Wesleyan. I am also considering entering politics. We need more women in government – powerful, motivated women.