Meet Sophia Tsiralidis ’24


Why did you choose to attend KWC?
“I was very fortunate to be granted the Rogers Fellow scholarship that offered a full ride for the four years.”

What were your first impressions of KWC and Owensboro?
“My first impressions were very memorable. My family and I drove from Las Vegas, Nev., straight to Owensboro and when we arrived, it was nothing like I had imagined. I had seen Google images of downtown, but the thought of my parents leaving me in an unknown city was scary at first.

“The next day we moved into my dorm, and as soon as we pulled into the main entrance of the college, the fear and nervousness vanished. The atmosphere, the people, the greenery was everything I could have wanted and more in a college.”

What are your plans after graduation?
“I plan to take the MCAT and apply to medical schools this summer. During this application cycle, I plan on traveling to Greece to visit my family and work as a medical assistant/ nursing assistant.”

Tell us about your campus involvement.
“I am involved in numerous activities I am very passionate about! These include serving as vice president of recruitment and marketing/ director of scholarship for Kappa Delta Sorority, president of Dance Purple, blood drive coordinator for the Pre-Professional Society, Skin-Care Research Fellowship, tutor (chemistry, biology and psychology) student orientation staffer, peer mentor, cheerleader and Student-Athlete Advisory Committee representative for cheer.”

How has KWC helped prepare you for your life and career?
“My KWC experience has been one I will cherish forever! I have grown not only academically but personally in my self-confidence, eagerness to learn and in my faith. It took me two years to attend my first chapel service and fully take in everything Wesleyan had to offer. I can confidently say that when I did, I truly started seeing a shift in the way I carried myself and treated the world around me. I am grateful for my Leadership Wesleyan experience as well, for it has truly exposed me to great leaders in the Owensboro community. It has given me tools to be successful as a future doctor, community member and soon-to-be alumna and the impact I can someday make.”

Why would you recommend KWC to a prospective student?
“I would recommend KWC to a prospective student solely off The Wesleyan Way! While academics, athletics and student life are great, they wouldn’t be what they are without our four principles of honor, support, integrity and love. The people you find here at Wesleyan are for a lifetime, and I would not have been as involved or as passionate about Wesleyan without my friends and professors I have met along the way.”


Who has been a mentor to you?
“Dr. Darlene Ingram, Dr. Kayla Keller and Mr. Michael McComas have been huge mentors and aids into my success and growth here at Wesleyan. Mr. McComas gave me the tools to succeed in my clubs and organizations, helping me strive for leadership roles and being a helping hand when needed. Dr. Ingram has watched me grow over the years and has celebrated my wins as well as my losses with me in the world of organic chemistry. She taught me that failure is a crucial part in the learning process and to not fear it but to embrace it. Dr. Ingram has also allowed me to explore my passion for all things skin care. For the past two years, I have been working closely with her to make my own skin care line, and I absolutely love it! Another mentor who has helped me tremendously is Dr. Keller! She has gone above and beyond helping me get my classes in order as well as giving me great pre-med advice.”

Is there anything else you would like to share

“I would like to give a huge shout out and thank you to Hillary (Lantrip) Croft ’14. Wesleyan has a great Alumni Association and without Hillary staying as involved, I would not have had the opportunity to connect with her. She served as my chapter advisory board member for Kappa Delta and has truly been someone I have looked up to for the past four years.”

“With appreciation and gratitude, thank you Kentucky Wesleyan College!”