Panther CAP Spotlight – Lauren Troutman ’25 & Dr. Sydni Crowell ’15

Check out this Panther CAP spotlight about Lauren Troutman ’25! Learn more about how Dr. Sydni (Fazenbaker) Crowell ’15 has been a great mentor to Lauren as prepares for her career! 

Q: What is your major? What do you hope to do with it?
A: I am currently a junior biology major with minors in chemistry and psychology and a Pre-Medicine emphasis. I plan to start applying to medical school towards the end of my senior year. My desire after completing my undergraduate degree is to become an OB-GYN, which is why I am forever grateful for being given the opportunity to shadow Dr. Crowell and learn more about the specialty I dream of entering. 
Q: Tell us about your mentor! 
A: My mentor is Dr. Sydni (Fazenbaker) Crowell ’15, who is a Kentucky Wesleyan College alumna. Dr Crowell graduated from KWC in 2015, attended the University of Louisville’s Medical School and completed her residency at Mercy Hosptial in St. Louis, MO. She specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology and currently practices at Summit Medical Specialists. She is married to her husband, Micah, and together they gave a son named Cash. I have been shadowing Dr. Crowell since late January and have enjoyed every second of it! Dr. Crowell and I are both sisters of Kappa Delta, and I was so happy to learn this commonality as it deepens our bond. 
Q: Do you believe your match has been a good one? If so, why?!
A: I truly believe my match with Dr. Crowell was a good one as I have been able to build a genuine bond with her while being alongside her when seeing patients. I typically see her every Thursday and I have already learned so much in the short three months I have spent alongside her! Dr. Crowell always greets me with a warm smile and a greeting every time I enter the office, and she is more than happy to take time out of her hours to answer any questions I may have. She is more than supportive as she always asks me how my classes are going and is encouraging towards my pursuit to becoming a physician. 
Q: What has been your favorite part of your Panther CAP pairing?
A: My favorite part of being involved within Panther CAP has been building a supportive, knowledgeable and positive bond. As applying to any form of internship or work experience, making relationships with those within your desired field is such an important aspect. After every afternoon of shadowing, I come home to update my document consisting of what information I was introduced to that day. I also love seeing myself becoming closer to my dreams of earning my MD.  
Q: What advice do you have for students considering getting a Panther CAP mentor?
A: I would absolutely recommend gaining a Panther CAP mentor to any student dreaming of post-graduate goals! Gaining a mentor is such an amazing opportunity to gain insight, a higher-level passion and valuable tips coming from wise individuals. 
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