Why I Give – Sally (Allen) Crenshaw ’67

“I am so very proud of KWC. The progress made over the years has been significant and has been accomplished through some trying times. The entire faculty and staff are excellent and consider each student their priority. In just the last week or so, I encountered a young lady at Barnes and Noble wearing a Wesleyan shirt. I thought she was a student and, of course, I had to say something to her. She is still in high school, attending Apollo. I am sorry I didn’t get her name, but she said she is interested in attending Wesleyan and is considering criminology. My guidance counseling career took hold, and we had a great conversation. I encouraged her to seriously consider Wesleyan.

“I believe in our alma mater. Without monetary support, Wesleyan cannot continue to provide quality education. As alumni, we continue to be a part of the Wesleyan family and supporting our family helps its future growth.”

Why did you choose to attend KWC?

“I chose KWC primarily because of its size. Coming from a small high school where everyone knew everyone, I was fearful of getting ‘lost’ in the numbers found at large universities. Also appealing to me was the small class size I felt provided a more personal educational experience. Another reason was Robert Summers, who at the time was registrar and Wesleyan’s representative at my high school college night. Mr. Summers provided a picture of Wesleyan as a welcoming and inclusive community that calmed this soon-to-be college freshman’s fears of the unknown.”

Major and career

“I did not start out knowing my career path. I finally decided on sociology with a minor in psychology. I really wanted to major in psychology, but Wesleyan did not have a major in this field at the time. I was on a teaching path and did my student teaching at Owensboro Senior, ironically in psychology.

“I started my career as a social worker.  After five-plus years of social work experience, I held positions with the Department of Education as both a program coordinator and supervisor in vocational education and elementary/secondary education, respectively.  When Don and I married, I transferred to Madisonville Health Occupations School as guidance counselor. In this position, I helped students from high school graduate to adults, entering the job market for the first time or re-entering due to job loss. I finished my career in this position and am now retired.”

Special KWC memories

“My memories of Wesleyan include lifelong friendships and educators who gave more than knowledge that provided a foundation for career beginnings. I was warned my freshman year to stay clear of Dr. Richardson’s biology class as he was a ‘taskmaster,’ and I would be lucky to get a D from his class. Well, sure enough, I took his class and barely passed with a D!  But being a glutton for punishment, I took his second semester class . . . the only one doing so. From that naïve decision on my part, I grew to love biology and respected Dr. Richardson immensely, almost achieving a minor in biology. Years later, when on campus, I would drop by to see Dr. Richardson just to say ‘hello.’ Other professors making a positive impression were my advisor, Margaret Britton, Norma Baker, Barbara Johnson . . . just too many excellent individuals to name them all.  One amazing memory I have is the fact that Dean Roop knew every student by their first name . . . I thought that – and still think – a remarkable feat!

“The uniqueness of Kentucky Wesleyan was displayed my senior year when I was in a car accident in the middle of required assignments and exams. No where would I have found a more caring group of faculty and friends than I did at Wesleyan. Despite my injuries etc., I stayed on campus and realized that caring friends truly help the healing process. I cannot leave out the sisterhood I found within my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi. They were, and still are, very important in my life and were there to aid in my healing.”

How did KWC change your life?

“It provided a foundation on which I was able to establish a career that helped others in their career paths.”

In what ways have you been connected to KWC over the years?

“My first ‘reconnect’ to Wesleyan occurred when I was asked to represent the class of ’67 for our 20th class reunion. From that point on, I have been involved through serving on the alumni board and as a class manager. I was on the alumni board under several alumni presidents and served several years as secretary.”

Why do you give, and why do you stay involved?

“I give because I believe in the ideals that are imbedded in the foundation of the College. Wesleyan gave me a wonderful education that provided me the ability to take care of myself and help others find their career paths, thereby helping them be productive members of society.

“While I am not as involved as I have been in the past, I stay in touch so I can be available to again become involved where needed. Why? Wesleyan is a great school that provides faith-based education for individuals to better themselves and society. That is also why I give. Wesleyan provided me the means to succeed; therefore, I feel a responsibility to give back so others will have the same opportunities.”