Why I Give: Scott Littleton ’97

Why did you choose Wesleyan?

“Luellen Pyles went to my church in Maysville, Ky., and she played a major role in recruiting me to Wesleyan. I l was looking for a small college where class sizes were small, and there were ample opportunities to be involved on campus.  WKWC-FM was also a major consideration, as I wanted a career in radio, and the station allowed me to get my feet wet.”

How did your Wesleyan experience prepare you for life?

“The College taught me how to think and how to lead; two important career skills no matter what you do in life. I was involved in many different organizations on campus, and I learned to manage my time and achieve balance. I have been able to apply the problem-solving skills I developed as part of the mass communication curriculum in both my career and everyday life.”

Why do you give to Kentucky Wesleyan?

“There is a great misunderstanding, to paraphrase financial expert Dave Ramsey, about doing well financially.  We decided a few years ago to pay off all of our consumer debt (student loans, cars, credit cards, etc.) in order to build wealth and be able to give more to our churches and other causes we believe in.  Kentucky Wesleyan is one of those great causes. I give credit to Kentucky Wesleyan for the successes I have today.  I want to ensure that Wesleyan traditions live on and that students have the same or better opportunities than I had.  I give because I have been given so much in my life that I want others to be able to have similar experiences, especially in higher education.”

Why do you encourage others to give to Wesleyan?

“Investing in Kentucky Wesleyan College’s General Scholarship Fund means Wesleyan students won’t have to borrow as much, or ideally, won’t have to borrow at all.  Giving to Wesleyan allows future generations to carry on the great traditions Wesleyan has given us.  I encourage all alumni to get their finances to a place where they can give like never before, so Wesleyan can continue to build the next generation of leaders.”