Student Mentee Application Form

Thank you for your interest in Kentucky Wesleyan College’s Career Ally Program (Panther CAP)! After submitting your application, you will be matched with an alumnus/a from a pool of participating alumni to serve as your Career Ally. We will do our best to match you with someone in a similar field of interest to create a meaningful partnership.

  • Terms of Agreement

    • - The partnership between Student Mentee and Career Ally should last a full school year.
    • - Your contact information will be shared with your Career Ally for Panther CAP communication purposes only.
    • - The partnership between Student Mentees and Career Allies should be a strictly professional relationship. Gifts of any sort, including beverages and meals, between Student Mentees and Career Allies are prohibited.
    • - Any sort of verbal or physical misconduct will not be tolerated and will result in termination from the mentoring program and legal action when necessary.
    • - Any reports about inappropriate conduct should be reported to Mary McDole, Alumni Relations Coordinator, at Complaints will remain confidential unless legal or College regulations dictate it be reported.
    • - Both parties are expected to abide by the alcohol policies of Kentucky Wesleyan College and students are not to be encouraged to use alcohol or illegal substances.
    • - All students participating in Panther CAP are expected to attend an information session prior to the start of the program.
    • - Expectation for contact/meetings are as follows:
      • - At least 4 in person or skype meetings over the school year
        • - Clothing for in-person meetings should be modest, professional, and appropriate for the given setting of the meeting
      • - Remaining meetings can be either in person or an email correspondence (in which both participants contribute at least one meaningful email)

    By submitting, I agree to the above terms of agreement.