Pre-Camp Conference Meeting
It is in the best interest for each Camp Coordinator and our Summer Camps Team to have a conference no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the camp. This enables both parties to be clear on all operational issues and helps ensure a smooth, trouble-free camp.

Housing Assignments
You may request floor plans for your assigned halls from our Summer Camps office. For all overnight camps, we expect your housing lists no later than two weeks prior to the camp. This enables our team to prepare the key packets and registration lists in a fashion which will facilitate a smooth and efficient registration sequence. Please remember each room is designed for two people.

Camp Registration
The time and site for the registration of each camp should be arranged no later than two weeks prior to the camp. Our Summer Camps Team has a variety of alternatives for registration and we want to facilitate your needs in any way possible.

Campus Keys
Each camp participant will be assigned keys that access their assigned residence hall and their individual room. The keys will be provided for each participant in a small envelope with a label that indicates the name of the hall and the assigned room. There is a $10.00 administration charge on all keys. All camp participants will follow the key deposit policy, unless other arrangements have been made by the Camp Coordinators. This deposit will be forfeited in case of key-loss. If a camper loses their key they should immediately contact their camp coordinators or any member of our Summer Camps Team. No room changes are permitted unless your Camp Coordinators clear them.

Trash Services
Respect for our campus is essential for the successful operation of our Summer Programs and Camps. This respect is required of all camp participants, camp staff members and camp coordinators. Trash will not be thrown around the campus grounds or the residence halls. Trash bags and a multitude of trashcans are available for each camp participant. Please use them. Undue or unnecessary trash or messiness will result in extra charges.