Mission Statement

Our Mission

Here’s our mission statement: Kentucky Wesleyan College, in partnership with the United Methodist Church, fosters a liberal arts education that nourishes and prepares students intellectually, spiritually and physically to achieve success in life.

So what does that mean? It means that for over 160 years, we have served students in the liberal arts tradition, and for the next 160-plus years at Kentucky Wesleyan College, students will learn to think critically, communicate effectively and live ethically in a complex, rapidly changing world.

The success of every student is our top priority. Every course we offer and every experience on campus leads you to one goal – graduation.

As a new student, you will begin a personalized journey the day you arrive on campus. We’ll help you create a unique roadmap for college success with academic, social and extracurricular goals.

Inside and outside the classroom, you’ll experience the encouragement of a close-knit community committed to your well-being and long-term success, and our vibrant, welcoming campus will offer you exciting social, service and leadership opportunities.

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