The Wesleyan Way

The Wesleyan Way: The principles by which Kentucky Wesleyan College operates

The question is not simply, “what can the college help you to achieve?” This is a critical question, but equally important, “How does the college go about doing what it does?” Therein lies the college’s identity. 

At Kentucky Wesleyan, we believe in an education that goes far beyond the textbook, the computer screen or the written exam. Leaders of the next generation are those who have been educated with a broad view of how relationships matter in the overall success of our world.

Consequently, we believe in “The Wesleyan Way” of learning and living. The Wesleyan Way is based on four principles we incorporate into every single thing that we do:

  1. IMG_8069We do everything with HONOR. That is a word thrown around too loosely these days, but we take it seriously.  Conducting oneself with honor breeds self-confidence and validates our accomplishments. 

  2. IMG_9625We always SUPPORT EACH OTHER. The singer in the Wesleyan Singers will attend her classmate’s volleyball game; the volleyball player will be at the play; the actor will be at the football game; the football player will be at the debate; and the debater will be at the Wesleyan Singers concert.  Together, we are truly better and a “community” will always prevail over individuals.

  3. KWC WSoccerWe will COMPETE WITH INTEGRITY. We know that regardless of a person’s chosen career or profession, he or she will have to compete. From the ministry, to the board room, to the operating room, to the courtroom, to the field of play, nobody will succeed unless they have learned to compete in a way born in integrity and good intention.

  4. _MG_6740We LOVE EACH OTHER in Christ. We know that love of others is the critical piece of good works and successful service.  We believe that God has blessed each of us with unique talents and we are to care about each other and use our talents to better the lives of others. We watch out for one other on campus and love each other as we have been commissioned by God.

We believe by basing everything we do at Kentucky Wesleyan College upon the foundation of “The Wesleyan Way,” we will all be successful individually and as a sum of our parts. In this world of turmoil, uncertainty, political upheaval, and change, a Wesleyan education has never been more relevant or more important.  The greatest opportunities are opportunities for human interaction. Our biggest impacts will be found in the ways our career, after college, impacts the lives of others in positive ways and will not be measured solely by prestige or financial return.

IMG_1749We know that America has changed. No longer do companies simply hire, say, three accountants just because they can afford to do so. They want to know how an individual will add value to the mission of their organization.  Only if a company sees value in an individual, will he or she be hired. If they do not see added value from the hire, there will be no job offer.  

IMG_1810In this technologically-driven world, we now, interestingly, worry more about personal contact and human interaction than ever. So many people lack the “soft” or “human interaction” skills that were once taken for granted. We believe that The Wesleyan Way fosters the development of these skills through interpersonal communication and interaction, time management, perseverance, empathy, reading of body language, and collaboration in each and every one of our students.  It is impossible to have honor without interaction. It is inconceivable that a person could support a classmate without seeing them (rather than texting), being physically present to support them during an event, give a standing ovation, or applaud their performance.  Competition with integrity cannot happen without people being together, as a post-competition handshake or embrace cannot happen in a vacuum.  Finally, love for others is most real when people can look into one-another’s eyes, hearts and souls. That can only happen in person. 

IMG_1827The Wesleyan Way is truly the “way” to a successful and healthy future for young people in today’s world.  It is a recipe for a career with a calling, and a formula for not only a job to support a family, but also to a path for a life well-lived that impacts others in a positive way.  The Wesleyan Way is OUR identity.  It is who we are and how we go about the business of educating and preparing young people for the future.