Bachelor of Science – Physics

Bachelor of Science in Physics
Core Requirements
PHYS 1301 Introduction to Physics in Modern Medicine
PHYS 2404 General Physics I
PHYS 2405 General Physics II
PHYS 3301 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 3302 Mechanics
PHYS 3408Modern Physics
PHYS 3107Readings in Physics (Seminar)
PHYS 4301 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (CHEM 3404 may be substituted)
One of the following laboratory electives:
PHYS 3401 Electronics
PHYS 3403Heat and Thermodynamics
Supporting Requirements
CHEM 1351 General Chemistry I
CHEM 1251General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 1352General Chemistry II
CHEM 1252 General Chemistry Laboratory II
MATH 1402 Calculus I
MATH 2305Calculus II
MATH 2306 Calculus III
MATH 3301Differential Equations
One of the following programming courses:
CIS 2301Beginning Java
CIS 2303Beginning Visual Basic
One of the following math electives:
MATH 3306Applied Linear Algebra or Linear Algebra
MATH 3309Discrete Mathematics
MATH 3320Statistics I
MATH 3321Statistical Analysis
MATH 4303 Partial Differential Equations