Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Core Requirements
PSY 101Introduction to Psychology
PSY 202 Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences
PSY 203 Research Methods in Psychology
Must take one of the following:
PSY 403 Senior Seminar
PSY 450Advanced Research in Psychology
Must take two of the following Group A content courses:
PSY 305 Physiological Psychology
PSY 307Learning Theories
PSY 310Sensation and Perception
PSY 313 Cognitive Psychology
Must take two of the following Group B content courses:
PSY 201 Human Development
PSY 301 Personality Theories
PSY 303Social Psychology
PSY 306Abnormal Psychology
Must take twelve additional hours of electives from PSY. Courses that satisfy the elective requirement include any Psychology course listed in this Academic Bulletin that is not taken to fulfill another requirement. For example, if a student takes three (3) of the courses listed under Group B “content courses,” two (2) will be counted as Group B content and one (1) can be counted as an elective. See the list of Psychology courses under “Course Descriptions” for other possible electives.
Supporting Requirements
Must take one 3-4 hour natural science or mathematics course. This course cannot be used to satisfy the general education requirements.