Bachelor of Arts in Religion
Core Requirements
REL 100Introduction to Religion
REL 102Survey of Christian Traditions
Must take fifteen hours from the following:
REL 303 The Bible in Its Context
REL 340Topics in Comparative Religion: Religious Food Traditions, Pilgrimage in Asian Traditions, OR Experiencing the Divine in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
REL 343Abrahamic Faiths
REL 344Eastern Religious Traditions
REL 365Selected Old Testament Writings
REL 366 Selected New testament Writings
REL 377 The Bible and Literature
REL 381Topics in Religion and Society: Religion in Pop Culture, Religion and Gender, OR Religion and Ecology
REL 400Religion Research
Must take nine hours from the following:
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 300Topics in Philosophy
PHIL 301 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 302 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 395 History of Philosophy I
PHIL 396 History of Philosophy II
PHIL 400Philosophy Research
Supporting Requirements
Six hours of social science courses are required
Six hour language requirement: Normally, the language requirement will be filled by six hours of modern language or six hours of a
biblical language (Greek or Hebrew), but the requirement may be filled by completing six hours of a modern language (intermediate
proficiency) or through CLEP test credit.
Recommended (Not Required)
REL 251Biblical Greek I
REL 252Biblical Greek II
REL 261Biblical Hebrew I
REL 262Biblical Hebrew II