• Christian Ministries

    • The Christian Ministries Program is designed to educate those students who want to become lay leaders in their churches. Some of these courses also include sections focusing on spiritual formation.
    • Jim Coleman
      Assistant Professor of Religion
      [email protected]
      Martin Center, Room 2
    • Requirements for Christian Ministries Minor


  • Entrepreneurship

    • The purpose of the minor in entrepreneurship is to provide students, regardless of major, with the knowledge and skills needed to start and grow new ventures. Thus, the minor is designed within their liberal arts foundation and as a complement to the student’s major area of study.
    • Dr. Leslie Korb
      Program Coordinator
      Office: 270-852-3193
      [email protected]
    • Requirements for an Entrepreneurship Minor
  • Environmental Science Program

    • The environmental science program at Kentucky Wesleyan College is designed for science majors planning careers in environmental policy and management, resource planning, environmental chemistry, conservation and applied ecology.
    • Dr. Henry Connor
      Program Coordinator
      Office: (270) 852-3166
      Email: [email protected]
    • Visit the Environmental Science Program page
  • Forensic Science

    • Kentucky Wesleyan College’s Division of Natural Sciences offers a forensic science minor in conjunction with the Division of Social Sciences.Students opting for this minor will take a core set of courses, some of which may already be among their general education course work. You will then complete the minor with additional upper level courses according to your major.With this background, you will be prepared for entry level positions in crime labs as well as opportunities for graduate study in specific areas of forensic science (e.g. forensic anthropology, forensic toxicology, forensic entomology, etc.)
    • Dr. Shannon Finerty
      Program Coordinator
      Office: (270) 852-3162
      Email: [email protected]
    • Visit the Forensic Science Minor page
  • Graphic Design

    • The minor in Graphic Design provides an opportunity for students in related academic discipline areas such as business, computer science and communications to study the discipline and learn the skills and concepts necessary to effectively use graphic design as it applies to their major.
    • Ms. Heather Logsdon
      Program Coordinator
      Office: (270) 852-3608
      Email: [email protected]
    • Requirements for a Graphic Design Minor
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  • Health Minor

    • Health is a cross-disciplinary field of study and a concern that is relevant in many academic disciplines such as biology, business, sociology, psychology, public service, sports management and kinesiology. The minor will serve the purpose of providing students who have an interest in other disciplines an opportunity to learn the basic physiological, psychological and social concepts necessary to effectively apply health to their field of study.
    • Program Coordinators
    • Dr. Evelyn Hiatt
      Office: (270) 852-3158
      Email: [email protected]
    • Dr. Scott Payne
      Office: (270) 852-3185
      Email: [email protected]
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  • Music

    • A minor in music is a wonderful opportunity for students interested in pursuing music as a possible profession or part-time supplementary position. Students take 24 hours of music, including music theory, applied music, ensembles and other core music classes.
    • Dr. Diane Earle
      Program Coordinator
      Office: (270) 852-3617
      Email: [email protected]u
    • Requirements for a Music Minor
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  • Philosophy

    • Philosophy and religion are the heart and soul of a liberal arts education. If the natural sciences enable us to understand our world, philosophy and religion enable us to understand ourselves.In philosophy, you will ask the big questions: What is morality? What is justice? How do I know what I think I know?The disciplines you will develop through the study of philosophy prepare you for a wide range of career choices. You’ll be able to perform insightful and discerning analysis, and these critical thinking skills are the kind of expertise desired by the legal community, corporations, marketing firms and academic institutions.The study of philosophy also lays a firm foundation for graduate studies in almost any field of the humanities.
    • Dr. Roger Gardner
      Project Coordinators
      Office: (270) 852-3223
      Email: [email protected]
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