Graphic Design Minor

Graphic Design Careers

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Art Director, Digital Retouch Artist, Photo Manipulator, Photographer, Ad Layout Designer, Web Designer, Animator, Branding and more!


Kentucky Wesleyan College design minors have opportunities for internships in industry businesses that have a high success rate of industry employment after graduation.

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Requirements for a Graphic Design Minor: 24 Hours
ART 1311 Two-Dimensional Design
ART 2310 Graphic Design I
ART 2311Graphic Design II
ART 2378Digital Photographic Techniques
ART 3311 Graphic Design III
ART 4311 Graphic Design IV
ART 4353 Digital Painting
Must take three hours of upper-level electives from ART. (ART 4303 Internship is recommended).
Course descriptions can be found within disciplinary listings.