Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design: 39 Hours
Core Requirements
ART 100Art Survey (fulfills Aesthetic General Education requirement)
ART 101Beginning Drawing
ART 111Two-Dimensional Design
ART 112 Three-Dimensional Design
ART 210 Graphic Design I
ART 211 Graphic Design II
ART 235 Painting I
ART 278 Digital Photographic Techniques
ART 311 Graphic Design III
ART 411 Graphic Design IV (repeatable up to 6 hrs)
Must take three hours of art history from the following:
ART 382Art History: Prehistoric to Neoclassic
ART 383 Art History: American Art
ART 384Art History: Modern Art (fulfills Multicultural General Education requirement)
Must take six hours of electives from ART.