Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design: 39 Hours
Required (45hrs):
ART100Art Survey 3hrs
ART101Beginning Drawing 3hrs
ART 1112D Design 3hrs
ART 1123D Design (or 2nd Internship) 3hrs
ART210Graphic Design I 3hrs
ART211Graphic Design II 3hrs
ART278 Digital Photography 3hrs
ART310Graphic Topics 3hrs
ART311Graphic Design III 3hrs
ART403Internship I 3hrs
ART403Internship II 3hrs
ART411Graphic Design IV 3hrs
ART412Graphic Design V 3hrs
ART453Digital Painting 3hrs
ART470Senior Seminar 3hrs
Must take one from the following (3hrs):
ART382Art History: Prehistoric to Neoclassic
ART383Art History: American Art
ART384*Art History: Modern Art (fulfills the Multicultural req)