Environmental Science Program

The environmental science program at Kentucky Wesleyan College is designed for science majors planning careers in environmental policy and management, resource planning, environmental chemistry, conservation and applied ecology.

Program requirements for environmental science are designed to meet entrance requirements for graduate studies leading to public service or industrial positions, and also may be applied toward the chemistry, biology or zoology major.

Equipment and Laboratories

Students within the environmental science program will have an equipment inventory available to them comparable to that of many larger schools: electronic balances, pH meters, U.V. and visible spectrophotometers, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, electronic microscope, PCR thermocycler, gas chromatograph with a mass spectrometer detector, high performance liquid chromatograph and an environmental chamber.

Opportunities for laboratory work in environmental science include frequent field trips to local resources (such as ponds, forests and rivers) and research excursions to regional industrial sites. Laboratory work also entails investigations into environmental issues of local, regional, and global concern.

Special Opportunities

Kentucky Wesleyan College’s small size enables faculty to counsel and personally assist each student in devising a program of study appropriate for his or her career goals. Internships in environmental science provide students with professional opportunities at a variety of public and industrial agencies in the Owensboro region. Kentucky Wesleyan students have completed internships or have obtained summer employment in a variety of relevant agencies.

Students in the environmental science program also gain valuable research experience by completing an independent senior research project focusing on an environmental topic.