Requirements – Environmental

Environmental Science Program
While completing Kentucky Wesleyan College’s general education requirements and pursuing a science major, a student may concurrently fulfill the environmental science requirements by completing the following courses:
BIO 2105General Biology Laboratory I
BIO 2106General Biology Laboratory II
BIO 2305General Biology I
BIO 2306General Biology II
BIO 4414Ecology
CHEM 1251General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 1252General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 1351 General Chemistry I
CHEM 1352General Chemistry II
CHEM 3201 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 3301Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 3401 Analytical Chemistry
ENSC 2400 Environmental Science
ENSC 3390 Topics in Environmental Science
MATH 1400Probability and Statistics
MATH 1402Calculus I
Must take one sequence from the following:
PHYS 1401 andIntroductory General Physics I
PHYS 1402Introductory General Physics II
PHYS 2404General Physics I
PHYS 2405General Physics II
Additional Electives
BIO 3413Microbiology I
CHEM 3202 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 3302 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 3306Instrumental Techniques of Biochemical Research
ECON 2331 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 2332Principles of Macroeconomics
ENGL 3345Topics in Business and Professional Writing
MATH 2305Calculus II
PHIL 3301 Introduction to Ethics
POLS 2302State and Local Government
POLS 3362Public Administration