Student Success Center

Welcome to the Student Success Center!

Whether you are a first-time Kentucky Wesleyan College student or returning student, the Student Success Center invites you to take advantage of all the free services available.

From tutoring to workshops to individual help, we are here to help students succeed.

Located in the Library Learning Center, the Student Success Center has helped students for over thirty-five years, offering assistance in a variety of subjects.

What is the Student Success Center?

The Student Success Center, located in the Library Learning Center, provides many services to all Kentucky Wesleyan students including:

  • Private peer tutoring
  • Study sessions
  • Reading & study strategy assistance
  • Testing
  • Workshops
  • Services for students with disabilities

Students may hire a private tutor.The payment arrangements are made between the student and tutor. Kentucky Wesleyan faculty recommends tutors for students. The Student Success Center recruits and trains these tutors.

The Student Success Center accommodates students requiring special services as directed by the Office of Disability Services. Students who qualify for services are provided with individualized services and accommodations as per their plan in conjunction with the Office of Disability Services and the Student Success Center.