Academic Assistance Services


The Student Success Center offers free Supplemental Instructor (SI) services to students in selected classes. Each SI must be recommended by the professor of the class. Then, the Student Success Center hires and trains the SI’s. The goal for this program is to ensure each student receives the academic support necessary to succeed in the class.


The Student Success Center accommodates students requiring special services as directed by the Office of Disability Services. Students who qualify for services are provided with individual services and accommodations as per their plan in conjunction with the Office of Disability Services and the Student Success Center.


All Student Success Center peer tutors are hired by a student who may select a tutor from the Student Success Center tutor list. All tutors are recommended by faculty for a particular subject and trained by the Center for Student Success Director.

A Kentucky Wesleyan student who needs a tutor may contact the Student Success Center OR go the Student Success Center PantherNet to find tutors’ names, subjects, and contact information.

A non-Wesleyan student needing a tutor contacts the Student Success Center to get names and contact information on available tutors.