Business Administration Online Degree Map

Online Business Administration Degree Map
I. General Education
General Humanities (3 hours in history, 3 hours in religion)9 credit hours
Aesthetics (3 hours must be in literature)6 credit hours
Social Sciences (in 2 different subjects) 6 credit hours
Physical Education and Health 3 credit hours
Natural Sciences 6 credit hours
Mathematics (College Algebra, or higher) 3 credit hours
Communication Skills (2 English composition courses)6 credit hours
* A Multi-Cultural Studies requirement needs to be met.
Total General Education Credit Hours 39 credit hours
II. Business Major Core Courses
ACCT 211Principles of Accounting I 3 credit hours
ACCT 212Principles of Accounting II3 credit hours
BA 100 Business, Entrepreneurship and Consultancy 3 credit hours
BA 261Principles of Marketing3 credit hours
BA 325 Business Law 3 credit hours
BA 341 Principles of Financial Management3 credit hours
BA 345 Business and Professional Writing3 credit hours
BA 357 Management Information Systems3 credit hours
BA 359 Managerial Statistics 3 credit hours
BA 406 Business Strategy and Value Creation3 credit hours
ECON 231Principles of Microeconomics3 credit hours
ECON 232 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 credit hours
ACCT, BA, ECONUpper-level Business Electives
(Actual courses depend up on transfer courses and courses scheduled.)
24 credit hours
Total Business Major Credit Hours60 credit hours
III. General Electives
Total General Electives Hours21 credit hours
Minimum of 42 upper-level credits needed to graduate.
Total Hours Needed for Graduation (Minimum)120 Credit Hours