Communication Arts Online Minor

Must take twelve (12) hours from the following:

Requirements for a Communication Arts Minor
Must take twelve hours from the following:
CART 100 Mass Communications and Society
CART 140Interpersonal Communication
CART 141Basic Public Speaking
CART 300 Communications Theory
CART 405 Communications Research Methods
CART 499 Senior Seminar


Must take nine (9) hours from these electives:

Course NumberCourse NameSemester Credit Hours
ART 211 or CART 313Graphic Design II or Desktop Publishing/Graphic Design3
CART 105Introduction to Media Writing3
CART 203Introduction to Advertising3
CART 204Introduction to Public Relations3
CART 207Audio Production3
CART 310Campaigns and Problems3
CART 311Organization Communications3
CART 312Media Management3
CART 314Desktop Video3