Introducing Maggie Riney

Director of Advancement Services


Western Kentucky University, B.A. in communication, minor in creative writing
Will pursue master’s degree in organizational leadership beginning this fall

Career highlights:
“Post-graduation I traveled to Seoul, South Korea, and spent a year there writing English lesson plans, editing textbooks, and teaching ESL classes. Since arriving home, I worked at the Daviess County Public Library for two years as an adult programmer, planning events and creating partnerships around the community.

Why did you choose Wesleyan?
I have grown up loving Kentucky Wesleyan! The Concert on the Lawn is a yearly event I attend. I enjoyed working in higher education while in undergrad, and returning to it is a great fit.”

As a new member of the Wesleyan community, how will you incorporate The Wesleyan Way into your life?
“The Wesleyan Way is something everyone should try to live daily. In the Office of Advancement, I work with such a great team. Supporting each other and doing our jobs with honor is definitely something we all work towards. Together we strive to make Wesleyan a great institution for students now and a wonderful place for alumni to visit.

What was your first job, and what is something you learned that you still use in the workplace?
My first job in high school at IGA on Scherm Road (not too far from here) as a cashier! There I learned organization. Whether it was straightening cereal boxes or balancing the cash register, I gained the lesson of taking the time to do a job correctly and accurately.

Describe a typical Saturday afternoon.
As much as I would love to say I spend each and every weekend exploring and adventuring, a lot of Saturdays for me consist of going to the gym and catching up on laundry and the Bachelorette! During the summer, I also spend Saturdays looking for water to lounge by. Whether it’s a pool, lake, pond, or ocean, I’m my happiest self by the sea!

Your favorite professional sports team?
Go Preds! I also am a huge fan and supporter of Team USA during the Olympics. 

Favorite books?
Harry Potter easily. I’ve read the series an embarrassing amount of times. Are there any fellow Slytherins here? I also love Neil Gaiman and am working through his collective works.

Favorite movies?
I love any Wes Anderson or Spike Jonze movie!

Favorite vacation spot?
Tokyo was definitely the coolest place I’ve ever visited, and I would love to go back there. I also love San Francisco!

I love to travel. Whether internationally (I’m hoping my next trip will be to Iceland) or as close as Nashville, exploring new cultures is one of my favorite things. I’m also into disc golf.

You can invite three people (living/dead/fictional) to a dinner party? Who would you invite?
This is the hardest question of them all! I think I would invite my Grandmother Thompson, who passed away, so I could say hi to her again, and my mom so she could see her, too.

Oh, and Dumbledore. I would love to share a Butterbeer with him!

Welcome to Wesleyan, Maggie. We are glad you are a part of our team!