Scholarship Recipient: Alli Bryn Sommers

By: Alli Bryn Sommers
Muhlenberg County High School Graduate
Central City, KY
Wells Scholarship Recipient

I attended Muhlenberg County High School, where I took advantage of every opportunity I could be involved in the community. I was a member of the National Honors Society, Youth Leadership, Beta, and STAND, just to name a few. Along with clubs, I was a cheerleader too. In everything I did, my hope was to uplift everyone around me.

Throughout high school, my most ambitious goal was to be accepted into the Governor’s Scholars Program. I understood that acceptance into the program would open many doors for me and demonstrate to colleges that I am capable of doing the work required of a college student. After being accepted, my goal was to go to Kentucky Wesleyan.

For as long as I can remember, attending Kentucky Wesleyan has been my top choice. I always valued the location and how close it was to my home. However, after my tour, I began to value it for the community aspect that was presented. I felt valued and wanted. It was important to me to go somewhere that supported me not only as a student but as a person. I truly believe I found that at Kentucky Wesleyan.

While attending Kentucky Wesleyan, my greatest hope is that I find the career that would best fit my passions in life. I want to explore all of my interests by taking a variety of classes and joining clubs. In addition to finding what career suits me best, I hope to find friends who round me more as an individual. It is my desire to surround myself with people I can learn from and who I can lean on, and vice versa. I hope Kentucky Wesleyan brings me a wonderful community of friends.

All in all, my goal for my future is to live a fulfilling life. My major heading into college is Business Administration. Currently, I could see myself as a healthcare administrator or running a business. Ultimately, I want a career that allows me to uplift the people around me and make their work environments enjoyable. I am extremely thrilled to attend Kentucky Wesleyan and am honored to receive this scholarship.