Study Abroad: Ireland and Scotland 2022

Study Abroad: Ireland and Scotland 2022
By: Yoselin Herrera Uribe ’24

Not once in my lifetime have I witnessed so many unbelievably beautiful sceneries. I made so many memories, strengthened friendships, and along the way made new friendships! Overall, I chose to make the most out of every moment in Scotland and Ireland.

In the seven days we spent in Scotland, I got to endure some of the most breathtaking sceneries. As we rode the tour bus, I remember looking out the window and seeing many farmlands filled with cows, sheep, and horses. A lot of the scenery reminded me of my family’s home country, Mexico. For the most, I did not have any phone service, which impelled me to stay away from social media and truly enjoy my surroundings. Some of my favorite places in Scotland included the Stirling Castle, Edinburgh Castle, and Culloden battlefield. Having the chance to walk through what once belonged to historical figures truly astonished me. However, my best memory in Scotland was the day a group of us students went out to explore the highlands. There had been a rumor of a sheep farm nearby, and on our first walk, we did not find the exact one but did find ourselves on a trail of pure nature mysteries. On our second walk, we found the sheep farm and rocks arranged in a circle formation. Witnessing natural wonders and laughing with everyone is what made the day perfect.

Before heading to Ireland, we rode a ferry, and it was a two-hour trip filled with spontaneity. The ferry consisted of so much and many of us took joy in exploring. From then on, we were in Ireland and the days went on in a blink of an eye. Nonetheless, I seized the short time by exploring the Giant Causeway, Kylemore Abbey Castle, Epic Irish Museum, Blarney Castle, Cliffs of Moher, and a sheep farm! Everything about the city of Dublin was incredible, the music, the monuments, and the people. I have so much to share about the country, but I believe the most memorable moment for me was visiting the EPIC Irish Museum. The museum served as a reminder of how connected we are as people and how many leave their home country to seek a better life. I did not realize that many U.S. historical figures are Irish descendants. The EPIC Irish Museum emphasizes the significance of immigration—the notion of immigrating not only for a better life, but to also bring new ideas to the country.

On my last day in Ireland, we took a walk to the beach, and we ran into a family of three. I will never forget what the little girl shouted, “this is the best day ever”. At the moment, I did not know what to make of it. Nevertheless, in the bigger picture, it was the best day for me too. I went from one day wandering about the two countries to now reflecting on my entire experience from the trip. Walking through the sandy beach and collecting shells served as a peaceful time for me to think about all the amazing memories I have made. I am so grateful to have been even given the opportunity this year to travel to two countries. I am thankful for the new friends I made. I am thankful to have experienced a whole distinct culture from mine. Most importantly, I am thankful to The Rogers Foundation, my parents, and chaperones for making this dream come true. I look forward to the next country I visit!