Wesleyan Cares Reinforces Commitment to Students

As we adapt to the changes caused by COVID-19, Kentucky Wesleyan College continues to identify new ways to engage and interact with our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends. Last week, we launched #WesleyanCares under the leadership of VP of Student Affairs, Rebecca McQueen-Ruark.

#WesleyanCares is an initiative designed to pair each student with a member of staff, in hopes of alleviating some of the stress surrounding the situation. This provides students with one single person to reach out to about whatever they may need during this time.

“Although we weren’t surprised, we were very grateful for the number staff members who agreed to volunteer their time to provide this added mentorship to our students,” Becca explained. “Our volunteers began making their first contacts with their mentees late last week and the response from both sides has been extremely positive. Mentors were able to provide assistance to their students regarding fall registration, filing FAFSA’s, remote learning and more. Staff are also acting as a general sounding board to share their worries.”

Junior Maddie Coleman ’21 said she was really pleased with the initiative and her #WesleyanCares mentor, Katherine Rutherman, Director of Development and Campus Relations.

“I really liked the concept of #WesleyanCares because I did have questions pertaining to classes I needed for next semester. Plus, instead of sending an email and waiting for a response, Kathy was able to help me over the phone immediately,” Maddie shared. “It made me feel part of the Wesleyan family and that staff really are ensuring we are succeeding with online classes!”

Freshman Makaelah Gilles ’23 echoed the sentiments of her classmate. “The whole concept makes me feel really cared about and reminds me why I came to Wesleyan in the first place.”

“As you can imagine, the relationships we are creating are mutually beneficial,” McQueen continued. “The feedback from staff has been equally positive, with many expressing gratitude for the opportunity to check in on the students in such a low-pressure and conversational way.”

We look forward to seeing how the #WesleyanCares initiative helps our students finish their spring semester strong, continues to promote #PantherPositivity and acts as another reminder that the Wesleyan family is in this together and will emerge stronger than ever.