Why I Give – Kayce Dallas ’19

“KWC has given so much to me, and I want to remain as involved as possible. I decided that the best way to begin is by giving back. I encourage our alumni to give because the College gave so much to you. Your contributions will help students just like you in ways you will never know.” – Kayce Dallas ’19

Major: Psychology
Minor: Religion
Pursuing MSW at Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisville
Works at YMCA Safe Place, helping runaway and homeless youth

“I gained confidence in myself and my abilities at KWC, which was a great help when I applied to graduate school. Through my work with children in Kappa Delta, I have a desire to help children, so my present job at the YMCA means a lot to me. There are many times in graduate school when a professor will say something that reminds me of KWC. I got such a good foundation and great preparation at Wesleyan. My research professor recently said, ‘Correlation does not mean causation.’ I already knew that because Dr. Mackey at KWC drilled that into us! I have discovered that I have a love for policymaking in my first year in graduate school, so I may begin my career in that field. Whatever I do, I am grateful for the solid start I got at Wesleyan. The College prepared me well.”