Requirements – Business



Please note: If students are interested in pursuing the Human Resource Management or Marketing emphasis, they must take PSY1301 Introduction to Psychology to fulfill one of their General Education Social Science requirements.

Students interested in taking the emphasis in Aviation Management should take an Integrated Science course or an Introduction to Physics course to fulfill part of their General Education science requirements.

The 60 credit hours of Core and Emphasis study is augmented by the General Education requirements set forth by Kentucky Wesleyan College. For students the General Education requirement will amount to approximately 44 credit hours. Those students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts will use 12 credit hours for study of a foreign language; the remaining credits can be used for additional upper level course work. Those students pursuing a Bachelor of Science are encouraged to pursue a minor, particularly in Psychology (for Human Resource Management), Communications (for Marketing) or Graphic Design. However, students may pursue other minors that fit their interests. All students in the Business Administration program must complete 120 credits of course work as outlined to graduate.

Core Requirements33 Hours
ACCT 211Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 212Principles of Accounting II
BA 130Principles of Business, Entrepreneurship and Consultancy
BA 261Business and Professional Writing
ECON 231Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 232Principles of Macroeconomics
BA 325Business Law
BA 341Principles of Financial Management
BA 357Management Information Systems
BA 261Principles of Marketing
BA 406Business Strategy and Innovation

If a student is interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business, s/he must complete intermediate proficiency in a foreign language, either by completing twelve hours of the same foreign language or through CLEP test credit.

While in the process of meeting core requirements, students choose an emphasis: General Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Marketing, or Management Information Systems. The requirements for those emphases are as follows:

General Business Administration27 Hours
BA 359Managerial Statistics
BA 360International Business
BA 458Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
BA 400Advanced Topics in Business Administration
ACCT 317Managerial Accounting
ECON 333 or ECON 431Money, Credit and Banking or Managerial Economics
BA 354 or BA 455Human Resource Management or Organizational Leadership
BA 353Operations Management
Plus one 3 hour business elective or an internship
Human Resource Management27 Hours
PSY 202Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences
PSY 307Learning Theories
PSY 304 or
PSY 312
Psychological Testing or
Industrial-Organizational Psychology
BA 354Human Resource Management
BA 337Employment Law
BA 356Industrial Relations
BA 330Compensation and Benefits
BA 331Training and Development
BA 332Staff and Career Development
Marketing27 Hours
PSY 202Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences
BA 362Consumer Behavior
BA 463Marketing Research
BA 432Marketing Management
BA 360International Business
BA 363 or
CART 203
Salesmanship or
Introduction to Advertising
ECON 431Managerial Economics
CART 204Introduction to Public Relations
Plus one 3 hour, upper-level business elective or an Internship
Aviation Management27 Hours
BA 359Managerial Statistics
BA 305 or BAV 400Project Management or Advanced Topics in Aviation
BA 353Operations Management
ACCT 317Managerial Accounting
BA 462 or BA 303Marketing Management or ECommerce
BAV 301Airport Management (open only to aviation management students)
BAV 300Airline Management (open only to aviation management students)
BAV 302International Aviation Systems Management (open only to aviation management students)
ECON 431Managerial Economics

All Business students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in their major.