Dr. W. L. Magnuson

MagnusonDr. W. L. Magnuson, Professor of Chemistry
(270) 852-3164
Yu Hak Hahn #211





B.S., Chemistry and Mathematics, McMurry University
Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Kansas University
Sabbatical Research, Organmetallics, Vanderbilt University


1969-present: Professor of Chemistry, Kentucky Wesleyan College
1963-1963: Associate Professor of Chemistry, McMurry University
1960-1963: Research Assistant, Kansas University
1959-1960: Teaching Assistant, Kansas University


  • W.L. Magnuson, Ernest Griswold, and Jacob Kleinberg, 1964. Reactions of some transition metal cyano-complexes in molten potassium cyanide. Inorganic Chemistry, 3, 88-93.
  • Lukehart, C.M. and W.L. Magnuson, 1984. Reactions of coordinated molecules. 37. Carbon-carbon bond formation between adjacent acyl ligands in (triacylrhenato) boron halide complexes. Journal of American Chemical Society, 106, 1333-1335.

Synergistic Activities

  • Grant Panelist: NSF Equipment Grants.
  • Program Director: NSF Student Science Training Program in Chemistry, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981.
  • Faculty advisor for the Pre-Professional Society: coordinates speakers, off-campus visits to tour graduate & professional schools, social and community-building activities for STEM majors
  • Oversees student research placements in Chemistry REU programs
  • Oversees internship placements for Chemistry students interested in entering the workforce